Employee Speak

Arockia Mary

Working as Assistant General Manager – DCC

It’s a cause-oriented organisation striving to create better and educated citizens for the future. Secondly, it’s an employee-friendly organisation and most importantly there is work-life balance. Akshaya Patra has been a great platform for learning and development. It has enabled me to work independently and with utmost confidence. The organisation has encouraged me in all stages of my career growth. I joined as an Assistant Manager, and today, I am an AGM. Our leadership team and HR are people-friendly, talent-friendly, are concerned about our issues, if any, and respects each of us, and helps to resolve issues to the fullest. Akshaya Patra is a value-driven organisation and never compromises in any aspect, but operates in line with the best of ethics. I take pride in representing this cause-oriented organisation. It is one of the most memorable experiences of my working life and has helped me mould my career. I am glad that I have been a part of the organisation’s growth, on the whole, and contributed to get more smiles on more children who are, our primary focus. Akshaya Patra gives a corporate work environment and best amenities to its employees. It provides resources to learn and grow, both, intellectually and professionally. It has enabled me to learn, develop, and accept all challenges with utmost confidence. Each and every day is a new learning in the organisation. It is an equal opportunity employer, so, if you are talented and the right fit, you will be welcomed in Akshaya Patra. HR ensures that the working environment is comfortable and employee-friendly. Various committees are set up to ensure that concerns and issues of all employees are handled efficiently and effectively. Based on the talents and skillset, everyone is given an equal opportunity to grow and prosper here.

Dominic Xavier

Working as Deputy Manager - IGiving

I joined Akshaya Patra when I was in a dire need of a job. Initially, when I was given a target to achieve, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to achieve it since this was my first experience of working for an NGO. But the support and motivation provided by the organisation and its leaders made me achieve my target. From then on, there was no turning or looking back. The organisation has trusted me and given me additional responsibilities and with the support of the leaders, I have been able to achieve. Not only have I grown in terms of designation, I have also been given a lot of learning opportunities. I have been working here for close to seven years and I have never felt that I cannot achieve or dream big. The support, coaching, and mentoring by leaders has helped me grow professionally as well as personally. The experience has been great and I find a nurturing family in Akshaya Patra.

Manjunath Degala

Working as DGM – Online Presence

Akshaya Patra gave me the opportunity to explore my skills and interests while honing my expertise, and add value to the organisation. I have been in this organisation for the past six years and have enjoyed the freedom to plan and implement business plans with encouragement from the management. Every day saw a new beginning brimming with new challenges and learnings. These motivated me to walk extra miles in extending support to the Foundation's cause. I have learnt and implemented various processes and systems to enhance efficiency. It has been, and continues to be an engaging and fulfilling work here, at Akshaya Patra.

Neelima Somashekar

Working as Assistant General Manager – Media & PR

It was my dream and passion to serve the society. When Akshaya Patra happened, I grabbed the opportunity. My work motivates me, the environment is positive and throws up challenges on a day to day basis which makes you a better professional. The idea of putting a smile on a child’s face is a greater motivation. As an individual, and as a professional, my time here has been very rewarding and satisfying. On the professional front, I am happy that I work with an organisation that believes in a no-discrimination policy. Akshaya Patra provides ample opportunities and extends full support to any individual who excels in their respective field. It’s a great and challenging place to work, where, every day there is something new to learn for everyone, from compassion to professionalism.

Sunil Menon

Working as Manager – Support Services

I wanted to work in an organisation where my personal values could resonate with the organisation’s vision. The noble cause for what Akshaya Patra stands for, is closely connected to my vision of supporting the less privileged. More than just a job, it adds meaning to my life. Akshaya Patra feeds millions of children and encourages them to get educated, and I get a chance to contribute to their happiness in my own capacity. The last 15 years have felt like 5 years for me, when you are doing the job that you love for a cause that is close to your heart, the time just flies. Other than the noble cause for what Akshaya Patra stands for, the team work and enthusiasm of my colleagues to serve more children always motivates me. The support from the leadership always encourages me. Akshaya Patra feels more like a family than a workplace. This constantly motivates me to give my best. My journey in Akshaya Patra has given me a lot of self-satisfaction. Akshaya Patra is a wonderful organisation where we get the opportunity to associate with highly qualified devotees and professionals alongside a platform to learn, grow, and excel professionally.

Suresh Kumar P

Working as DGM – Food Quality and Safety

I have always been interested in the noble cause that the organisation is serving, and food industry being my core, I felt it to be a perfect fit. The cause and necessity of this programme and the constant support from the management has always motivated me and has kept me spirited in all my endeavours, for more than 10 years. It is a very positive experience, and with the constant support from quality team, devotees, and professionals, we are able to create a quality culture in the organisation and achieve more.

Yogeetha C

Working as Deputy Manager – Donor Relations

The cause of the organisation is very impressive. I have regularly visited ISKCON temple during my childhood and I used to see Akshaya Patra vehicles. I always used to wonder what it was, and after my 12th Standard, I did some research and chose to work with the organisation. I have spent 10 years with The Akshaya Patra Foundation. I have had innumerable opportunities to learn new things, have been mentored, and received training for my growth. These have motivated me immensely. I am very proud to say that I am the first Tele-caller Executive for Telemarketing Team. Just when I was looking at more challenging work, to further my career, new challenges and opportunities arrived. Now, I am a Deputy Manager - Donor Care and handle a team of eight members.

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